What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

cryptocurrency wallet

Are you planning on getting started with investing in Cryptocurrency? If so, you will need to open up a Cryptocurrency wallet with exchange online.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cryptocurrency wallets, this article will provide you with information on how these wallets work and why you will need one if you plan on investing in cryptocurrency.

About Cryptocurrency Wallets

Once you open up an exchange account online with a company like Coinbase.com, you will be provided with your own Cryptocurrency Wallet. This wallet is where you will send, receive, and store your digital currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, and the wide variety of other coins that are being created each year.

In 2019 there are some Cryptocurrency wallets that permit the use of multiple cryptocurrencies, while some wallets will only allow you to use just one cryptocurrency so it’s best to verify the details of a wallet before you make the decision to sign up for it.

With a Cryptocurrency wallet, your wallets address is essentially like your own account number and the blockchain can be thought of like the banks “ledger” so your transactions will always be 100% safe and secure.

A word of warning though, never share your private Cryptocurrency keys or passwords with anyone because Bitcoin and other forms of Cryptocurrency have become the most sought-after forms of payment that hackers are eager to get their hands on so it’s best to always protect your private information.

What Type of Wallet Is Right for You?

When choosing a Cryptocurrency wallet, it’s best to think about how often you plan on trading Cryptocurrency and when you will need access to the funds because there are a variety of wallets to choose from including universal and custodial wallets.

With a universal wallet, you can receive, send, track, store and do everything needed for trading cryptocurrency while with a custodial wallet you have fewer options than a universal wallet.

Since there are a wide variety of Cryptocurrency wallets available online today it’s best to choose more than one wallet so you can have your Cryptocurrencies spread out online instead of having all of your coins in one wallet.

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